Art with Tea

Experience a world of creativity at Art with Tea in Yeronga, the cosy spot for artists of all levels, offering workshops, exhibitions, and a comfortable space to unleash your artistic passion while enjoying delightful conversations over tea.
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Welcome To Your Creative Home

Welcome to Art with Tea, your home of creativity in Yeronga.

Corner of Fairfield road and Devon street, Yeronga. We are under the Yeronga bakery, next door to Indigo Soul, look for the big red art sign. Conveniently situated across from Yeronga train station, easy access from wherever you are.

My name is Tianni Fazio. I have wanted a space to do make and create for as long as I can remember. I have a background in Art Materials, I am an illustrator, a painter and a mum. Now is the time, along with my talented husband, Salvatore (Sal) to make it happen. To share it with other creatives for workshops, exhibitions and everything else we think of along the way.

We have worked on creating a space that is comfortable and inspiring, where you can enjoy the company of people doing the same thing as you. Get some colour on your elbows, share a pot of tea and have some good conversations. We say it’s a little like visiting your favourite auntie’s house, you can make yourself at home, make some things you wouldn’t usually think of and not get in trouble for putting your hand in the cookie jar.

Art with Tea is for everyone, if you are beginner and have always wanted to do something creative, if you need somewhere to go to create a habit of bringing the arts into your daily life, or you’re a professional and need somewhere to hold a workshop or have an exhibition. Come and join us for tea.

We will be hosting a wide range of events, some weekly and some as one offs. You can check our website for upcoming events or contact us for bookings in regular sessions. They will also be on our socials. Or check out the sign in the window.

Classes on Offer

Explore a diverse range of art classes and workshops at Art with Tea in Yeronga, designed for beginners and experienced artists alike, to nurture creativity and expand artistic skills, all within a comfortable, welcoming environment.
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Art & Coffee

Casual mini lessons, where you can work on your own creative endeavours, or join in the group project. All levels welcome.

Kids Art CluB

Designed to connect with your kids. Engaging art and craft activities where parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate alongside their little ones.

Fine Art, Food and Conversation

A night of painting, tasty platters and engaging discussions on fine art. Dive into the approach and personality of some of my favourite popular artists. Perfect for all skill levels.

Arty Afternoons

Enjoy an afternoon experience of various creative activities with a cup of tea.

Evening Classes

Practical art classes on a variety of subjects that will enhance your practice.

Private Events

Tailored experiences for corporate team building or celebrating that special occasion with family and friends. Contact to discuss your event.

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